Add A Business Card:

Another way you can get sponsorship of your league is by displaying business card size adds of companies on the left hand side of your league site. This is how that will work;

It will cost $25.00 for a sponsor to place a business card sized add on your league web site. The incentive for the league is that you will receive $10.00 as a credit for your league fees, or if the fees have been paid then the league will receive a check from The business card space will have a link to a page that will display all of the business card sponsors of the league.

Artwork requirements; We do require that the add be submitted in a 154 x 270 pixels, created in a jpg format or approximately the size of a business card. can help create the art work, but there will be a charge.

This is an example of the size of the business card on the site:

Please contact our office at 419-724-1310 and email the scanned business card to In the email make sure you give us your name, league name, address and phone numbers, if it is different then the person on the business card.

This is where (in red) the business card will appear on the site.

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